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From the Desk of Jim Daniels

I've been helping people make money online since 1996. I've earned a reputation as a straight shooter in this sometimes sketchy niche. (That's not easy to do!)

This web page will show you an easy way to profit from my reputation.

Perhaps you've noticed that over the last few years, Internet marketing has become a carnival of hype.

One product launch after another, all promising riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Unfortunately, most of the products are really poor and nobody's getting rich except the marketers doing the launches.

That's why I'm doing my best to spread the real truth about doing business online. Hype and fantasy won't help people earn money. Only facts and useful info can do that.

I know, it sounds boring. But over the years, that's exactly how I've helped many people shed their day jobs for a home based Internet business. By sharing solid information and real help.

Now you can help more people get the facts and the real help they need. And you can earn some serious income in the process. In fact, you can literally give away my help and become a hero while you grow your commissions.

You don't have to try to sell a thing. Here's how...

You simply give away free Silver Memberships to this website. 

Upon claiming their free Silver membership each member is offered an irresistible Gold membership upgrade that includes 200+ training videos and unlimited personal help directly from Jim Daniels.

Every time a visitor of yours chooses to try a Gold membership, you earn 50% of their $39.95 membership fee every month, for as long as they remain a member.

Ready to get started?

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Want more info about how it's working? Read on...

Many affiliates for this program have already earned thousands of dollars. Just look at the average $ per sale listed at Clickbank's site for proof...


This works better than most affiliate programs because it pays recurring commissions and uses a simple formula that is making my affiliates lots of money. The formula looks like this...

   Excellent Conversions
+ Recurring Commissions
+ Extremely Low Refunds

= LONG TERM $$ For You!

But perhaps the most important aspect of my program is this....

Your competition is very low. (Look at the low gravity number in that clickbank screenshot above for proof of this.) While most marketers tell you to look for high gravity products, that is not always the best strategy. Here's why...

High gravity numbers mean you face lots of competition. Just because a product has lots of competition does not mean you'll profit from it, in fact that can make it more difficult.

Many products with LOW gravity are ripe for big earnings. And as clickbank's "$ per sale" stat in that screenshot above reveals, this is a high yielding program that pays big.

So why do I have so few affiliates for this program?

Simple. I have made membership available for just a handful of days during the first six months of this site's life. And I have invited a very limited number of affiliates to promote this.

But now the site is evergreen (live and available all the time) and you can take advantage of the low competition among affiliates!

The professional products and training videos in the Gold member area detail all the strategies I have used through the years to grow my business online.

I've earned six figures a year, every year for the last decade. I work part time from home, and I work as little as 10 hours a week most of the time. Now that's a lifestyle that's hard to argue with!

I simply love showing other people how to use the Internet to achieve the lifestyle they desire.

Members love the training videos and high end products I share in this site and have been raving about it. Here are a few comments they've posted...

I get feedback like this all the time, and for one reason...

This advice changes lives. I've helped many people shed their day jobs for a home based Internet business.

Now you can starting helping more people do the same, and earn right along with me.

Again, you don't have to try to sell a thing. You simply give away Free Silver Memberships by sending people to your clickbank affiliate link. When they sign up they'll see an irresistible offer for Gold Level membership. 

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Special Bonus Offer

To show you how much I value your long term commitment to this program, in addition to the recurring income, I'll ship you this special gift when you reach just 25 referred Gold members...


The iPod Touch is the coolest gadget I use every day, when I can get it away from my kids! I use mine to check my stocks, surf the web, play music, movies, games and well, I could go on all day. The iPod Touch is basically an iPhone without the phone capabilities. (Also without the monthly bill!)

I've already sent many of these out to clickbank affiliates and can't wait to send one to you!

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Sincerely, Jim Daniels
JDD Publishing

P.S. If you have any questions about promoting this, I'm more than happy to help you personally. Drop me a line at this email address: Jim at bizweb2000.com

P.S.S. The best way to earn commissions is to tell people about this is with your own words. I'm really trying to do this site "hype-free" so please keep that in mind when writing your promotions.

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